Here is a broadcast that I hadn’t had time to turn into a podcast. Skip ahead a few minutes until you hear a sax.

Steve Lacy Plays Monk
Steve Lacy – Steve Lacy Plays Monk (BYG).

Steve Lacy (soprano sax), Aldo Romano (drums), Michel Graillier (piano), Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark (bass)

Friday The Thirteenth / Pearl Street

Sun Ra Nothing Is

 Sun Ra – Nothing Is (1966, ESP Disk)

Sun Ra Arkestra featuring: Ali Hassan (trombone), Teddy Nance (tombone), Marshall Allen (alto sax, flute, piccolo, oboe), John Gilmore (tenor sax), Pat Patrick (baritone sax, flute), Robert Cummings (baritone clarinet), James Jackson (flute, log drums), Ronnie Boykins (bass, tuba), Clifford Jarvis (drums), Carl Nimrod aka Carl S. Malone/Nimrod Hunt (sun horn, gong)

Exotic Rainforest /Shadow World / Sun Ra and His Band From Outer Space

An Anthology of noise & electronic music

 An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music Volume 1 (Sub Rosa)

Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad and John Cale – Trance #2

John Cage – Rozart Mix

Harry Partch Collection Volume 1

Harry Partch – Harry Partch Collection Volume 1 (New World Records)

Ulysses at the Edge

Art Ensemble of Chicago Urban Bushmen

The Art Ensemble of Chicago  – Urban Bushmen

Joseph Jarman (reeds), Roscoe Mitchell (reeds), Lester Bowie (trumpet), Don Moye (drums), Malachi Favors (bass)

Urban Magic

David S. Ware Wisdom of Uncertainty

David S. Ware Quartet – Wisdom of Uncertainty

David S. Ware  (tenor sax), William Parker (bass), Susi Ibarra (drums), Matthew Shipp (piano)

Sunbows Rainsets Blue

Yusef Lateef African American Epic Suite

Yusef Lateef – The African-American Epic Suite

African as Non-American